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Latest Word Press Step by Step Guide Improvements

We have been talking about self hosted wordpress a lot, though many blogspot users still feel wordpress as alien platform because they are not familiar with it. To get familiar with wordpress, you can start by creating a free account on wordpress.com or you can install WordPress on your computer to test it on Local environment. Benefits of installing WordPress locally:
  • Familiar with wordpress
  • Familiar with database
  • Make changes locally and then make changes on your online blog
  • Local test platform.
To start with local wordpress installation, you need to download a software name WAMP . And also download Latest release of WordPress .
1 Install WAMP
installing wamp thumb
In the PHPmail option while installing WAMP, leave it as it is
2. Now extract the WordPress.zip. Create a folder under C:\wamp\www name it as WordPress copy all the files and folders under WordPress folder in C:\wamp\www
wordpresswamp thumb
3. Start WAMP and start all the services by left clicking on it in the task bar.
5. Click on Phpmyadmin and create a database for your wordpress install.
phpmyadminlocalwordpress thumb
databasewamp thumb
6. Open http://localhost/wordpress and click on create a configuration file.
wordpressconfigurationfile thumb
wordpresssetup thumb
Now Enter the details as mentioned.
Database name : Database name you have created (wordpress)
Username : root
Password : Leave it blank
database host : Keep it default (Localhost)
Database prefix : Keep it default (wp_)
wordpresssetupconfig thumb
Click on Submit. On next screen click on Run setup
wordpressruninstall thumbOn the next screen add Blog title and Email. Search visibility will not matter here as we are working on Local environment.
wordpressfinalization thumb
On the next page , copy the password and save it. Click on login and login with the password in the screen and user name as admin.
wordpressscreen thumb
Viola! You have just created a test wordpress environment for yourself. Now upload theme and do everything which you can’t try on your online server.